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The Indian Administrative Service (abbreviated as IAS) is the premier administrative civil service of the Government of India. IAS officers hold key and strategic positions in the Union Government, States and public-sector undertakings. Like in various countries (example UK) following Parliamentary system, IAS as the permanent bureaucracy in India forms an inseparable part of the executive branch of the Government of India thus providing continuity and neutrality to the administration. Unlike Candidates selected to other civil services, a person once appointed to Indian Administrative Service or Indian Foreign Service(IFS) becomes ineligible to reappear in Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission because there are no higher civil services other than aforementioned two services under Government of India.

Along with the Indian police and forest services, the IAS is one of the three All India Services—its cadre can be employed by both – the Union Government and the States IAS officers at various levels of administration plays a vital role in conducting free, fair and smooth elections in India under the direction of Election Commission of India and states.

Now, that we’re quite updated with what the Indian Administrative Service is and what options you’re likely to have, we’ll be discussing about the various online options you have for preparing for the entrance examination. There are a lot of websites which can help you achieve your goals. So we’ll only be working with one website in view now, i.e, www.ias100.inThis website, technically, is the one stop shop for all your preparation needs that you might be having.

The website is nicely divided into certain categories which should help you navigate around it simply and quickly. The well-defined homepage itself has almost all the information that one might need to feed their doubts. You can see that the top bar is categorized into 10 distinct categories which include –

  • Home
  • Daily Dose
  • IAS Planner
  • Topper Talk
  • CSAT Basix
  • Special 100
  • FAQs
  • IAS Exam Pattern
  • Contact US
  • Career

Beneath that you’ll also find quick links to the Downloads Section, Distance Education Programme, Weekly E-Magazine, Study Material, so on and so forth.

Now if you’re looking at the home page you can find UPSC Daily Dose: Current Affairs, UPSC IAS Planner, Thought Screen on Editorial, IAS Test Zone which has questions which you might find common or similar in your exams. There’s also notifications and Interesting Facts about the exam section where you can find a lot of info which you weren’t probably aware of.

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You can also help get a hold of previous years’ question papers and download several e-books to suit your needs.

SO, verdict. First of all I’d say this website is not the most good-looking website I’ve seen in my life, to be honest. But, there’s a but, once you actually see its contents you will realize how helpful it can be for your preparation. Its so well categorized and it has a huge database of information to help you study to achieve your goals. Its also great for students who maybe can’t afford all of the pricey books. An hour at a cyber cafe or your cheapest smartphone can help you access all the books you need at your convenience. And on top of that, you don’t need to call your thirds cousin’s mother’s husband’s brother for their old question papers and study material. Its that easy!

So if I really had to say something about this website, I’d say its a good and broad way for you to start your prep right now. I would say that the only reason to choose www.ias100.com would be that it is better than the others in terms of originality and a vastness in its database of reading materials which I personally could not find in any of the others websites. It is a great way to get started if you really know what you are doing and what your plans are, but still is easy enough and well categorized for the earliest caveman’s to handle without any trouble.

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