IIT Kharagpur Starts Exchange Programme with Three Universities of Israel


IIT KGPExchange programme serve multiple purpose and we see a constant increase in such due to various collaboration between top universities nowadays. These exchange programmes enhance educational interest, makes a student’s perspective much wider and provide additional incentive to learn more along with boosting ones confidence. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has gone into an agreement for student exchange, faculty visit and research collaborations in aerospace, agriculture and computer science with three known universities of Israel.

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PP Chakrabarti, the IIT-Kgp director signed a memorandum of understanding (MOUs) with the Ben-Gurion University (BGU), Hebrew University and University of Haifa while leading the academic delegation from India during the President’s recent visit to Israel. IIT Kharagpur’s research areas have collided with the research work of these three well known universities which have shown development in the areas of computer science, aerospace, agriculture and food engineering etc. PP Chakravarti has shown hope in the recent collaboration.

IIT Kharagpur already has ties with Technion Israel Institute of Technology, which is the oldest university in Israel. With these new ties, the IIT has paved new heights as these will increase exchange programmes for faculty, students and scholars, joint research and exchange of research materials, joint academic activities – teaching and supervision of students, joint conferences, workshops, participation of students in study-abroad programmes. More such exchanges are needed to improve the current academic situation of the country.

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