IIT will Introduce First Track degrees with Credit System from 2016

IIt kharagpur
IIT Karagpur

Instead of waiting for the last result you can accumulate credit score by the activity and will get First track BTech degree in three and half year. Last six month you can evaluate for your self either for the job or to be an entrepreneur.

India’s premier Institute IIT is planning to introduce credit score system to evaluate the potential of the Student and flexibility access for the job of to make any venture. The credit score system will be implement fro 2016 academic year. IIT will provide flexible time line to finish the BTech degree along with the work. In three and Half year Student will get the credit score as well as provisional certificate that will applicable to apply any of the job.

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In the new system student must have accumulate credit score by attending class lecture, laboratory, Field work and workshop. The spread of the credit score will be from 176 to 182 over a seven semester.

The new evaluation system is inspired by overseas premium institute like Harvard , MIT and Stanford. Credit score system will be the international standard and that will help the student to stand along with international talents.

After the inter IIT mobility student can be used the credit score to engage in center of excellence at the IIT. Credit score can be exchanged during his stay but the Certificate will be received by only enrolled Institute.  Student can earn credit score from other partner institute and that will be reflect in the mark sheet.

Best Benefit of the Credit Score system:

  • Degree will be in three and Half year instead of 4 year
  • Flexible time to complete the degree , maximum time limit 8 year to complete the degree
  • Adding International standard to evaluation method
  • Exchange of Center of Excellence among the IIT’s
  • Earn Credit score at different Centers will reflect in the mark sheet
  • Last sex month will for the self assessment

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