Importance of Automation Training


What is Automation?

Automation can be defined as the use of different control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, switching telephone networks, aircraft, boilers & heat treating ovens and more with set commands to run or operate systems (e.g. a factory) with least human intervention. Automation improves efficiency, productivity, saves time and efforts. The term ‘automation’ was inspired from the word ‘automatic’ which was derived from ‘automaton’.

In general, automation is achieved by various means including electrical, computers, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical (usually in combination). Airplanes, ships and factories use all these combined topics.

Benefits of Automation

  • Saves labor timethinkvidya author page
  • Saves energy and materials
  • Higher productivity
  • Better control and consistency
  • Improves quality
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improves accuracy
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Increase flexibility
  • Saves workers from hazardous environment

Disadvantages of Automation

  • Poses security threats
  • Excessive development costs
  • Higher initial cost
  • Higher level of maintenance
  • Worker displacement due to loss of jobs to machines
  • Over dependency on technology for productivity & economic development

Why Business Needs Automation?

In this hyper competitive world, every business has to scale up continuously to keep up and stay ahead in the race. To improve the processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, improve efficiency & accuracy etc. business houses need automation.

Why Automation Training is Important?

Automation training helps a professional to develop skill sets and improve efficiency to tackle real world challenges. It prepares a student or an employee with requisite capabilities to meet changing market demands and get ready for future challenges. Automation training upgrades a trainee’s skills as per industry trends and clients’ specific demands and requirements. It also exposes a student to various usage scenarios in automation industry in advance. Equipping oneself with automation training enables a student or a professional to join the best companies in the automation industry and opens up various career opportunities.

Scope of Employment in Automation Sector in India

Automation is a fast growing field and there are huge opportunities for automation engineers in India. An automation engineer can work in three kinds of companies –

  • Companies which are suppliers of automation software and equipment to multiple industries
  • Industries like automotive, oil & gas and power which uses automation products and services
  • Companies which offer consultancy and services, who integrate products from automation companies with manufacturing processes of the industrial users

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There are two types of companies that recruit freshers or experienced engineers. The first type of companies are hardcore electronic or electrical firms e.g. Siemens which hire for design, projects, commissioning, engineering, servicing and sales of the automation products and services. Here the automation products and services could be PLC, SCADA, networking systems, HMI, Sensors and DCS. The second type of firms are manufacturing or consumer industries, where automation engineers are required. Firms such as Ranbaxy, Tata Iron & Steel, Cadburys etc. belong to the consumer industries.

In conclusion, automation is a multi-disciplinary field with huge job opportunities. Taking up an automation training helps a student improve the strength of his resume, bridges technical gap, develops expert knowledge, and gives a defined career direction.

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