Important Books for Preparation of Civil Service Examination


You must have a question always, which book to read for Civil service Examination? You will get a wide range of advice on books to read for the examination. Civil Service Examination is treated as the most prestigious test, which gives entry to the Administrative service of India.

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For Preparation of Civil Service Examination, candidate must have clarity about the fundamental of the subject included in Syllabus of Civil Service Examination. These quick facts about civil service Examination will help you to choose the Book in a better way.

Books for civil service examinationThere are a lot of online resources available online to prepare, but it’s an easy way to read the paper book first. For Understanding better, first, you must have to know about Civil Service Examination. 

These are the list of Books to prepare for Civil Service Examination.

1. Indian History 

  1. History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra
  2. History of Modern India by A.C . Banarjee
  3. NCERT Books ( XI and XII )

2. Geography 

  1. NCERT Books ( XI and XII )
  2. Geography of India by Majid Husain
  3. India – A Comprehensive Geography by Khullar
  4. General Principles of World Geography by Charles Farro

3. Indian Economy 

  1. NCERT Books
  2. Evolution of Indian Economy by I C Dhingra
  3. Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri
  4. The Economic Times
  5. Business Standard

4. General Science 

  • NCERT Books
  • Popular Science Series (CSIR)
  • Science Reporter

5. Current Affairs 

  • India Today
  • The Hindu/The Times of India
  • Frontline
  • All News Paper
  • Times Of India

6. Mental Ability 

  • Quantitative Apitude by R.S. Aggarwal

You must follow these books if you are preparing for IAS Examination.

Along with the Books follow these Websites for IAS preparation.

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