All india radio takes off air educational fm radio stations


The All India Radio has taken off air all 37 Gyanvani educational FM radio stations, the formidable teaching tool of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). This has been launched by keeping Thousands of learners in mind, across all age groups, many of whom have no access to formal education. The move, which came into effect on October 1, has sent shockwaves among those pursuing education through non-formal channels.

It’s really strange to know that there are a lot of people who really wants to study but they lack resources and guidance. Those people across everywhere are getting connected to the channel and also communicating through the Facebook page of the channel.

An educational FM radio network, Gyanvani aired programmes covering different aspects and levels of education. It had separate programme modules catering to the needs of people pursuing primary and secondary education, adult education, technical and vocational education, higher education and extension education.

Though the discussion is still on that the AIR additional director-general, in a communique sent to professor M Aslam, Ignou vice-chancellor, said all channels will be closed following non-payment of the dues, depriving lakhs of Gyanvani listeners their crucial learning resource. Sources in IGNOU blaming it on “inefficiency on the part of the vice-chancellor. The money had to be paid but it wasn’t done at the right time. The results are for everyone to see. It is rather unfortunate that listeners have to suffer”.

Since long, IGNOU has been the best university to provide education to the students who can’t afford higher fee at other universities and also who are working or the women who are just house wives. It’s distance education has really been helpful for a lot many such people. Now touching the even remoter untouched area through Gyanvani is a wonderful step in itself. Hopefully, it will clear the dues and the channel will be working fine.

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