India’s Top 10 YouTube Channel for Education


youtube channel for EducationYoutube channel for Education !!! 

Yes, You can use Youtube as your Education partner for Free.

World’s second largest Search engine is Youtube. Youtube is a Video Sharing website owned by Google. As per youtube report, in 2014 300 hours of new videos are uploaded to the site every minute.[Source]. The site has 800 million unique visitors every month. 

Benefits of Youtube Channel as an Education Partner

  • Completely Free
  • Anywhere Accessible
  • Choose as per your Requirement
  • Follow the Professionals / Experts

It’s better to follow Experts in Youtube to get the live knowledge from them.

Most of the Scholars, Academians are used youTube for the Education Purpose. Lots of Youtube videos are available for the education. These videos are uploaded by Institute, Educators, and Education provider for the study seekers. 

Here you can find India’s Top 10 YouTube Channel for Education.

1. Channel Name: Unacademy 

Youtube Channel Unacademy is famous among All the aspiring IAS students. Chanel is created by Roman Saini and Gaurav Munjal. This channel will provide you study material for IAS preparation. All the videos of this channel will help you to understand civil service examination better than Paper study. 

Now Unacademy is India’s No 1 Youtube Channel for IAS preparation. They are adding Videos regularly in various subjects for preparation.

Subscriber: 70616 ( As on date 10th May 2015 )
Views: 4465624 (  As on date 10th May 2015 )

2. Channel Name: Tutor Vista 

Tutor vista is online tutoring company providing affordable High-quality education globally. Starting from 2005, it already covered 5 Million online sessions till date. More than 2000 teachers are involved in providing quality education through tutor vista. 

Subscriber: 42094 ( As on date 10th May 2015 )
Views: 18422718 (  As on date 10th May 2015 )

3. Chanel Name: Merit Nation is India’s most leading online Education portal from class 1 to 12th. This Website provides comprehensive education support from class 1 to 12th Standard through an Online portal as well as a youtube channel. Meritnation is famous among all the school student. 

Subscriber: 8609 ( As on date 10th May 2015 )
Views: 2162290 (  As on date 10th May 2015 )

4. Channel Name: The curious Engineer 

The Curious Engineer youtube channel is own by Omkar Bhagat, a computer Engineer student. All the videos of this channel provide education through fun loving mode. Most of the videos will teach you about the myth of engineering and subjects of that. 

Subscriber: 29930 ( As on date 10th May 2015 )
Views: 1288723 (  As on date 10th May 2015 )

5. Channel Name: Arun Kumar 

This channel provides online Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, Adobe Lightroom 5 Tutorials and Digital Photography Tutorials, illustrator Tutorial, After Effects Tutorials. This is a very useful channel for everybody who wants to master these skills. This is help full for the students of the same subjects. 

Subscriber: 58096 ( As on date 10th May 2015 )
Views: 5826767 (  As on date 10th May 2015 )

6. Channel Name: 7 active Studio

7activestudis owned by 7 Active Technology Solutions Pvt.Ltd. which is an educational 3D digital content provider for K — 12. All these videos are customized as per the requirement. The available videos of this channel are made by considering the needs of Students, lecture, and college.  

Subscriber: 11443 ( As on date 10th May 2015 )
Views: 3366852 (  As on date 10th May 2015 )

7. Channel Name: Preetyuzlain

Are you preparing for Govt Exams, and confused about mathematical simulation? Don’t worry, this channel will help you to understand all those mathematical simulations used for these kinds of Examination. To minimize the time and with a helping attitude, Preety Uzlain developed this channel for the Govt job Aspirants. 

Subscriber: 21155 ( As on date 10th May 2015 )
Views: 1673922 (  As on date 10th May 2015 )

YouTube is now not restricted to fun, a wide range of videos are available for your Education, Learning, and help.

The Best part of Youtube is, completely free for you because of Advertisement. Youtube Videomaker makes money from the Advertisement by giving you video free of cost.

How Will Subscription help you out to stay update to the channel?

Subscription option to the Youtube channel will help you to stay updated on videos of the channel. Any new video updated to the Channel will send an automated mail notification to you and will reflect on your dashboard when you log into Dashboard.

If you are interested in a particular Youtube Channel for Education, Must subscribe to that.

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