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There are a lot of entrepreneurs who have started their business from the scratch and touched a different height. A few of them have got recognition across the country and became an inspiration for us. Here, we are sharing the success story of an entrepreneur Mr. Sagar Podilapu, who is the founder of the company Tutoslive. It is an online website , where he gives live training to the students for developing their own websites. The success story never goes smooth, it go through a lot of struggle and pain. And it takes a lot of patience and effort. Therefore, we had an interview with him recently. Let’s read how his story goes:

 LF : Tell the readers a little bit about you and your organization(Company name, founding year, headquarter, website link, Industry, stage of the company, source of the idea, co-founders, previous work ex, which college you belong to).

Sagar : My startup name is Tutoslive and founded on Nov 13th 2013. We are stationed in  Bangalore and the url to my website is

Tutoslive is a Live training portal for developing websites from scratch. I teach students how to develop websites from scratch for 45 days in a Live Class. The classes are also recorded so that students who miss out the Live session can catch up with other students. As of now, I operate out of my home and deliver the value right from there. The website is doing great with good number of hits everyday and 250 students registered. However, a very few attend the Live class and most of them are comfortable with the Recorded classes.

The idea to start tutoslive has come when I was working as a web developer and training a fresher at my office. Freshers who seek job or got job has no clue where to start and how to execute. Hence I took the initiative to bridge the gap.

I do not have any body working with me. I take care of designing, developing, marketing, training and post-processing of recorded classes.

I worked in different jobs previously until I was settled as PHP Web Developer at Inkoniq, Bangalore. I recently quit my job 20 days back and focusing full time on Tutoslive.


 LF : What is your Education background ?

Sagar : I have done my graduation in Electronics Engineering(MS VLSI) from University of Missouri Kansas City, USA.Graduated in 2009. Prior to that I have done my Electronics and Communications Engineering from JITS, Hyderabad.

 LF :  What prompted you to start this company(why you started and your philosophy of starting up) with many others being there in the market?

 Sagar : I am not that guy who gets motivated with situations. I think, rethink and rethink before I take any decision. I believe in me and the quality of work I do. Though there are many people who are doing the same thing, I believe that the USP in this domain is the person who teaches. Hence took the bold decision. Even before doing this full time, I have tested the model for 6 months by giving away the classes for free.

 LF :  How are you different from the other such companies/What does you company have that would drive the users towards you?

 Sagar : I am no different from anyone who is doing the same thing. As I said above that the USP in this business is the person who is training. Hence I feel that drives the users towards my startup.

Sagar Podilapu , Founder of Tutoslive

 LF :  Are you partnering with other organizations?

Not for now. Will be partnering sure for future.

 LF :  What technologies/algorithms are you using? (if any)

 Sagar : I use a third party tool for the Live Classroom and PHP for LMS. There is no complex code involved in the business.

LF :  Team size, location

 Sagar : One and Bangalore.

LF :  Future plans/ Expansion Plans

Sagar : The only expansion plan I have is to bring together more people who work the same cause as I am doing. There is a long way to go for it.

LF :  Message for future Entrepreneurs

 Sagar : Follow Lean Methodology to constantly check if you are going in the right direction.

LF :  First 3 months into the business and how it was for you and the team till people got familiar with the website.

 Sagar : I was working part time for the first 3 months and I have just started working full time into it. Every day in the past the 6 months was an exciting journey. The way I coded to follow lean methodology, the way social networking was working, the way students loving me. Fantastic that was.

LF :  Did you ever have a doubt and think ‘Am I doing right?’

 Sagar : I have that everyday, without which I cannot really measure my journey so far.

 LF :  The best advice you ever got

 Sagar : A startup is all about metrics and targets. Hook or crook, get them fixed – My close pal has given me this advice.

 LF :  Your mentors

 Sagar : No One. I was a close follower of Guy Kawasaki. He is my Dhrona.

 LF What keeps you awake at night?

 Sagar : Those ideas which keep chasing me for the improvement of tutoslive. They keep me awake every night.

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