IT Courses to Offered by Government to Stop Pirate Tutorials


Government Tutorial

Every year a few lakh engineering aspirants fall prey to ‘pirated’ IT courses on offer at tutorials. This causes trouble for both the applicants and the overall education system in the country when students fall prey to such things. Thus, the state government has made plans to introduce genuine courses sourced directly from developers. The students who apply for the pirate tutorials then end up having invalid certificates. Applicants could be easily lured to fall for such hoax as they seem pretty lucrative at first.

For such reasons, the information technology department will itself offer genuine courses. Already Tieszen and Bluemix courses have been available through TASK and tie-ups for Oracle and SAP courses are also in the pipeline. Students will hugely benefit from this new system as many of them are disappointed with the lack of job prospects even after doing such courses. The chief executive of TASK, Sujiv Nair said, “The pirated courses available in the grey market have compromised on content and are of little help to students who end up getting rejected in interviews. We are trying to negotiate a preferential price for these courses with the original providers and will facilitate direct access for students through TASK. The idea is to kill the piracy market.”

Most of the IT companies, however, do conduct their own entrance tests and recruit staff based on their performance rather than the number of certificates. This is a certain help for judging the quality of the applicants but the provision of genuine help in this area to stop laundering with education is much needed. It will further help the students to build a strong base that will help them in their work atmosphere. With such new initiatives, we can hope for such falsity to vanish away.

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