Jadavpur and Presidency University Recognises Third Gender in Admission Forms



After Presidency, Jadavpur University has introduced the ‘third gender’ option this coming academic year. The admission forms will have this option beside the male and female options which is a step forward in the direction of recognition and granting of equal status to them.
In a recent meeting held between several universities and higher education department, this proposal was mooted by the university authorities.

However Presidency University authorities were among the first to take up this initiative, only to be carried forward by Jadavpur University.

The Arts Faculty admission form will first have this option and will be followed by other faculties in the University. Educationalists feel an initiative like this, will help the ‘third gender’ create a space for themselves and get a proper education background. With the Supreme Court’s recognition of the transgender people as the ‘third gender’ and the top universities slowly incorporating social changes within the system of curriculum it sends forward a positive message for this nation.
Mr P K Ghosh, the Jadavpur University registrar said, “Admissions to Arts Faculty begins now, so we have taken up this initiative for the Arts Faculty. We will gradually implement it across all other Faculties.” 

With premier institutions of Kolkata granting recognition to the ‘third gender’, it has paved a path for other institutions to follow destroying inhibitions and bars for pursuing education.

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