What are the Most Important Topics for JEE main 2018 Exam? 

JEE Main 2018 Exam

You all might have applied for JEE Main 2018 Exam. As the exam comes closer, your worries must be getting more intense. The JEE aspirants are usually worried about what to study for the exam, what are the important topics for JEE Main Exam? Such a thinking on what to study can stop you from studying.

Here I have a solution to your problem. The JEE Main Important Topics are provided below in this article to help the students in their preparations.But, before this, have a look at the JEE Main PaperPattern.

jee main important topics

What are the Most Important Topics for JEE main 2018 Exam? 

The JEE Main Exam consists of two Papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Check the Exam Pattern for both the papers.

JEE Main Exam Pattern- Paper 1

  • JEE Main Paper 1 is held in both the mode- Offline and Online.
  • The Paper 1 contains questions from 3 subjects: – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.
  • The time duration of the exam is 3 hours.
  • Total 360 questions asked in JEE Main Paper 1 Exam (30 questions from each of the above-mentioned subject).

JEE Main Exam Pattern- Paper 2

  • The JEE Main Paper 2 is conducted in offline mode only.
  • The questions in this paper comprise of the questions from the following subjects: – mathematics, Aptitude Test, and Drawing test.
  • The time duration of the exam is 3 hours.

JEE Main Important Topics- Mark Topics for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics 

The candidates should prepare all the topics from 3 subjects in JEE Main Exam to attempt the maximum number of questions. But to score maximum marks, the candidates must have the knowledge of important topics from all 3 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Check it below.

JEE Main Physics Important Topics

The important topics of JEE Main Physics are provided below. It contains memory based chapters and requires a lot of practice.

Most Important topics Should Read Topics Average Topics
Heat and Thermodynamics Current Electricity Kinematics
Wave Motion Modern Physics Vectors
Unit Dimensions & Errors Elasticity Circular Rank
Electrostatics Physics of Nucleus Capacitance
Laws of Motion Kinetic gases Electromagnetic Waves
Work Power Energy Solids and Semiconductors
Simple Harmonic Motion Centre of Mass, Momentum, and Impulse
Rotational Motion Gravitation
Wave Optics Fluids

JEE Main 2018 ExamJEE Main Chemistry Important Topics

 Chemistry is the most scoring subject of JEE Main Exam. The important topics of JEE Main Chemistry are given below.

Most Important topics Should Read Topics Average Topics
Redox Reactions Ionic Equilibrium Chemical Kinetics
Solid State Metallurgy Biomolecules
Inorganic Chemistry Atomic Structure Electro-Chemistry
General Organic Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium
Solutions Surface Chemistry
Alcohol Phenols and Ethers Chemical Thermodynamics
Coordination Chemistry Polymers
Aldehyde and Ketones D and F block
Chemical Bonding Gaseous State

JEE Main Mathematics Important Topics

Mathematics section requires a lot of practice and efforts to score good marks. This is also scoring portion of JEE Main Exam. The important topics of JEE Main Mathematics are provided below.

Most Important topics Should Read Topics Average Topics
Probability Parabola Binomial Theorem
Vectors Areas Properties of triangle
Integration Limits Statistics
Complex Numbers Straight Lines Mathematical Induction
Matrices and Determinants Differential Equations Pairs of Straight Lines
Sets Relations and Functions Height and Distance
Theory of Equations Trigonometry
Series and Sequences P & C
Circle Application of Derivatives

Hope this article will help to get success in your exam. Stay updated with the latest JEE Main Notifications and score good marks on the exam.

All the best folks!

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