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Job Choice after engineering ?  Not many students get surprised on being asked this question. They say, in India, a student knows what to do, and does what he wants to, only after his/her engineering is done. Some move on to do further studies in their field of interest, while some accept job offers from their university/college.

Engineering is known to be a versatile course, giving you an exposure to both technical and non-technical knowledge. This is where students, who have joined engineering, console themselves thinking they will decide later during the course as to what to do after engineering.

job searchThe students generally go for a job right after engineering. It could be because they want to have a job experience before studying further or merely because they do not want to study further. This is where the student faces a confusion, to go for a technical post or a management post. Personally, I find both the fields equally interesting to work in, and Electronics & Instrumentation is the department where I belong. You can also find out top 5 career trend in India. 

So that’s where the real question lies. Of course, if you’ve been enjoying whatever you have been studying throughout the 4 years of engineering, there can be nothing better than pursuing the same at work, although, lately, management jobs are receiving increasing importance. Not only are they very interesting, but they also are important in building your personality, if that’s what you are looking for. Plus, managing is fun!

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But the safer bet here is going for a technical job first. Since that’s what you have been learning at college, itsbest you continue in the same field, and gain more knowledge by working, and then if you feel like you no longer hold any interest in that field, you can always move over to a management job. Doing it the other way round can be quite difficult, because until then, you could lose touch with your technical skills.

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Archana Belurgikar
Archana currently pursuing her B.E. in Instrumentation Technology at R.V. College of Engineering. Writing has always been her passion since childhood. She is also the chief editor of 'Ensemble'- the official newsletter of Entrepreneurship Cell, RVCE. She believe in leaving behind a mark in the society, and bringing new thoughts that stir the minds of people.