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The first thing that rushes into a child’s mind when it comes to the time of choosing between Engineering and any other field is-“Well now, this seems to be the safest option, doesn’t it ? All my peers have opted for the same.” Some students take up engineering merely because they are confused with what to take up or they think it is the safest bet? How many of us really wanted to do Engineering? Not only because it’s easy money? Let’s have a look at what many of us had to say when I asked them what made them take up Engineering-

Anurag Singh, of 3rd year Computer Science department, and also a UPSC aspirant says he’s doing the course so he can have a good backup to fall back on if he is unable to clear the exam.

Anurima Das, of 3rd year Instrumentation Technology engineering says she loves her course and is going to pursue the same further by doing an M.Tech., and says she wants to contribute significantly to the nation.

why i join engineeringThere are so many like her, and there are many like Rashi Chhabra, from 3rd year Information Science, who think engineering is a stepping stone to doing any further studies be it an MBA or MS abroad. Doing engineering gives you the exposure from different perspectives that everyone requires. And there is no denying to the fact that the degree of engineering is actually sufficient to get a decent job. You can always study later if you think your knowledge in the market is getting stagnant, as said by Nishit Raj, a student of Industrial Engineering & Management.

These are the thoughts of the engineering students themselves, and when asked the same question-“ Do you ever regret joining Engineering?”, most of them shook their heads and said they have many more choices once you finish engineering and that there is so much scope in the course, it keeps getting updated as per the technology advancement in the world.

That’s where you realize there are next to no cons in the field of engineering; the course could get tough, but it is only so the student is in the same pace as the rest of the world.

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