Journey towards Indian Mutinies , A revolution for change


Indian Mutinies – An online Magazine aim for revolution in the field of Tourism, Film & Art and Women & Children issues which made and are making change in India.

This is the story of Indian Mutinies as well as Bhavana Goparaju , Founder and Editor of this Online Magazine .  

This is the last page of my book writing about the first page of my lifebook which I have created.Writing has become a part of my life since my 8th standard. Of course Reading! Since my first day of school and listening! Since, I am born.  

I have heard many stories from my grandmother from revolutions to spirituality. Violence to non-violence. Discussed all the daily mutinies with my father and mother. They are always up to the discussion whenever I want to give a clarity for myself. Daily night before going bed. discussing about an issue which stuck to my mind on that day with my parents and hearing the gist of the story/book that my paternal grandmother read is part of my life daily.Even my maternal grandfather calls me as he is far to see either news channel or newspapers whatever he feels I have to read and is useful to me. I have brought up like this hearing about daily mutinies.

Reading about past mutinies and when I started entering public life, I mean in college leadership activities or Telangana statehood fight or generally daily wise as a Girl/Women.When I started experiencing difficulties as a girl,when I started experiencing the saga of Telangana revolution and also there were days when I devastated with the wrong Happenings in society, for myself. My parents’ words, my Grandmother’s stories summary echoed my ears.”If you don’t revolt against Bad, Good doesn’t rise up and if you are revolting then change is Gonna happen”

indian mutiniesLearned a lot from Telangana Revolution. After formation of separate state, I came to U.S for my masters.It’s like my dream of India as an Indian strengthened in U.S. when I met American Indians.First experience is their thoughts on Indians: cheap,poor,stereotypes and India: A corrupted,senseless, undisciplined bureaucracy and underdeveloped.

Whichever American Indian you talk to or meet, there is thisgeneralized concept. Though I know and fought about the issues in India, I coudn’t tolerate the names that they have given to India and Indians. Yes! We have problems in India which we made by sitting calm, complaining, just complaining, coming to Foreign Countries” my inner voice when my tolerance exhausted.

This is my II phase of life. My paternal grandmother who shaped me with her stories,teaching the lesson of many lives has deceased when I am in U.S. I couldn’t go to see her the last time.But, even her demise taught me “If you don’t do now, you will never”, because of the promise I have given to her but she is no more to see now though I fulfill. Then started the inner zeal.

                                                  “If you don’t start now you’ll never”.

                   “If you don’t revolt against bad. You will never see the change you want”.

My love for India.My hope for mutiny made me to think of Indian mutinies from U.S.A. The only thing which I have and can do from here is starting a blog I thought and then it converted to be a magazine. Then started my brainstorming sessions. My father who never said NO to me and my mother who always supported to do for society are with me in this mission. My parents are the best panelists for me.We discussed and finalized the theme and the areas which we wanna cover.I came up with the name INDIAN MUTINIES where division of opinions started.Mutinitiessenses the wrong message is their point. Though there concern is right. Mutinies are nothing but revolution and are rebels which can get into trouble is their concern as a parent.But,I strongly believed in the name that only this can support and take to the way I wanted.

Consulted Mahesh Kathi(telugu audience knew him) for the same. Told about the idea and about the name. He is positive about it and said ‘You reminded me of V.S. Naipaul book’. Then I asked what it’s all about. He gave me the link of the book ‘india: A Million Mutinies now’ by V.S. naipaul which made me to read the book which is the comparison between the emancipation of millions and 1857 mutiny and it is optimistic about the economic growth, misgivings about Indian attitudes and Indians. This book made my point of mutiny strong and now it’s time to convince people and believe in my idea.Then came my phrases.”We think revolution depicts problems/issues in the society but without which there is no change and so we need millions of mutinies in India and has to be addressed with high vocal chords and hence this “Indian Mutinies” to show this world what Indian Mutinies, resultant of it and to create many such voices to create the change.

I have took the step forward with clear vision and came up with areas to concentrate on. But, after talking to people regarding implementation of ‘Indian Mutinies’, got many bouncers and also few advises of narrowing the areas and being different made me to narrow my areas of concentration to women and children issues (I don’t think I need to explain why I want to raise my voice on this), Film and Art from where the true essence of life, the largest and fastest means of communication starts with the growth of contemporary/powerful fields, With the change in style of present of film and Art and the true inspiration of everyone’s life-nature i.e., tourism of India which depict the history and  what actually India is basically to showcase and save the beautiful history of India deep within this nature.So, categorized into three – women&children issues,Film &Art, Tourism.

Then six months of brain storming,discussing with people, and making people to come on board who believes in the idea balancing my studies is the toughest job. Many a times, I left with disappointment and discourage with the highest level of doubt.  The inner voice in me bounced back again with a new strategy of finding unknown people but with a like mind and come up for Indian Mutinies with me.I usually talk less almost negligible with the unknown people to open up about my ideas .But this time I made it, for my mission ‘Indian Mutinies’. Texted to ManjuLathakalanidhi’ after a long time hesitation about my idea and its mission. From then started we have been growing. A positive hope for my initiation came from her. Then talked to J.P (Jaya Prakash). He tried in all means for writers,activists to discuss, collaborate and contribute. We got almost no response but he never made me to go down. One morning popped up a mail from Vidyabhushanrawant,that he is interested in the initiative and can support in all possible ways basically, he is a social activist for about 30 years now. Started my journey with all the positive energy. Thanks to Google and Facebook without which I wouldn’t have been writing this one.

I don’t know how much I read,with how many people I talked, to how many Id’s I mailed and how much I have   written. But, in all these efforts I have found a team. A good team to start with.A team with much more experienced and exposed to ground reality .A team which believed in ‘Alternative Media’-Mission of ‘Indian Mutinies’ which brought you the first edition . Now,can only say ‘Till we stop asking/hoping for change, mutinies will exit and so Indian Mutinies’.

            Do read Indian Mutinies and be the voice of many unheard pains.

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