JUDE: Changing the Academic Routine


Jadavpur University Department of English or referred to as JUDE, has set an example of preparing a module which incorporates various interdisciplinary strands of studies together. The department has been liberal in its selection and offering of courses which are unique to say the least.

Department of English (3)In the very first year of graduation students have the module called Literature and Other Arts which focuses on myriad fields associated with written literature. Taking from classical rock to graphic novels or even drama as a performative medium is being studied. For students it is nothing less than a pleasure ride where they attend their classes humming the tunes of Dylan or The Beatles or where reading Batman comics is prescribed in the syllabus.

Starting from the second year of graduation, students are offered optional courses where they have the choice of selecting a course of their choice like many other institutions but however the optional given in this department are a fun list of choices. Some of these are: Book as an Object, American Literature, Literature and Censorship, Writing in Practice, Shakespeare in the Colonial Empire, Partition Literature or Drama in Practise. All these courses not only have prescribed books but also try out a different approach of educating students through other mediums like films, theatre, on the field research work and even provide an opportunity to work in the Jadavpur university press.


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All these are attempts made towards changing the approach towards studies for a more analytical one where mugging up books could be discarded. Along with these introductions the department also follows the regular curriculum as other premier institutions, so that the students get the best of both. The Department of English also offer courses open to even external students like Editing and Publishing, which is a five month course that trains the students hoping to make a mark in the world of editing or publishing along with providing them placements after the tenure is over. There is no doubt why it is one of the five star departments for studying English in the whole of South Asia.

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