How does the innovation helps to live life better? Kenguru – A car for Physically Challenged People


Innovation always adds impact in our life, it helps to understand the problem and design an innovative way to overcome the situation. Mobility is the most important tipping point for physically challenged people in the External environment. It is very difficult to manage the transportation part for physically challenged people. Yes it can be done in internal environment like office, home and some work place but a difficult challange when it scomes to transportation space. 

Without help of anather person movement of Physical challanged people is too difficult. Even in the most ideal physical soroundings, they experience mobility problems, personal difficulties are being aggravated by street environments.

Education and innovation can over come this situation for Physically challanged people. 

Kenguru – a self driven car for the physically challanged people for the transportation. It built for Physically challanged people to move without seeking help of other. It completely battery operated and easy to drive for physically challanged people. 

Want to know more about the company click Here.

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