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The increasingly popular GRE Test or the Graduate Record Examination is taken by aspiring candidates aiming to get into Graduate/Business Schools forMBA, Masters and PhD programs in United States and other countries. Started in the year1949, the purpose of the test being to assess the Verbal, Quantitative, Logical Reasoning and Analytical Skills of the candidates taking this test. Generally is an online test taken at Prometric Testing Centers, but there is also an option of taking the test offline.

know more about GRE testTo get into the Graduate/Business Schools, you have to take up the GRE Revised General Test. This test contains the following sections:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing

This test gives the candidate a choice to skip question, to answer the questions in any sequence that the candidate wishes to and also allows them to go back to the previous questions and modify their answers. The candidates also have an option of taking the test again so that they have the freedom to send in their best score to Business Schools using the Score Select option.GRE test is the test of the candidates on the basis of how the candidate will respond to complex situations faced in the business world. 

You take the GRE Subject Tests, to do research in a particular field of study. They test your understanding and depth of knowledge in the subject and allow you to take advantage when it comes to getting an admission into a Graduate Program of your choice. Some institutes have a requirement of the candidates to send in their GRE Subject Test Score to them.

The GRE Subject Tests has the following subjects:

  • Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Literature in English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Students need to have a strong educational background in their respective field of study to appear for these tests.

The Subject Tests are conducted offline thrice a year in:

  • September
  • October
  • April

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What is the Eligibility Criteria for GRE Test ?

A candidate who aspires to pursue a Graduate program from a well reputed Business school. There is no age limit, or any qualification needed to take the test.

What is the Examination fee ?

  • GRE Revised General Test $195(Worldwide)
  • GRE Subject Tests $150each (Worldwide)

Why take GRE Test ?

When you know you want a prestigious foreign degree, GRE test will come to your rescue. Getting a good score in GRE will not only help you get a Worldwide exposure and make you independent but also opens higher career opportunitiesfor you. It only is a matter of getting into the right Graduate schools. While some of them depend largely on GRE, some may not quite give importance to GRE. It depends on the course you want to pursue. You must concentrate on the areas that highlight your knowledge in the field for the course that you wish to pursue. For instance, a program related to arts & humanities may give less importance to your Quantitative scores in GRE as compared to your Verbal Scores.

How does one Prepare for GRE Test ?

The GRE Revised General Test Scoring is as follows:

  • Total marks allotted: 340 (170 to Verbal and 170 to Quantitative Section)
  • Score range of Verbal Section: 130-170,in 1 point increments
  • Score range of Quantitative Section: 130-170,in 1 point increments
  • Analytical Writing Section: Scored separately on a scale of 0-6, in half point increments

The candidate will receive a No Score (NS) for the section that he does not answer. The test takers receive the Official scores in 10-15 days after the test date through mail.It is said that, a score of 330 plus is required at GRE for pursuing courses in the esteemed institutes. The maximum score at this exam is 340.

  • Before starting the preparation, one has to be completely sure as to what has to be studied and should have a proper plan to go about the same. The patterns for the exam may change, so the candidate has to remain updated.
  • GRE preparation gives you a wide range of options on which resources to utilize. But referring to the official guide is a must. This has to be kept as the basis of your preparation and using the concept from this guide, solve and practice questions from other books/software applications. The Official guide always gives the correct information about the question pattern and the topics for preparation.
  • When it comes to solving questions quickly but efficiently, solving the questions randomly might come in handy. Whichever the candidate feels most comfortable with, should be solved first as he/she is naturally strong in those sections. This also helps save time and is more productive than answering questions one by one sequentially.
  • Keep practicing the quantitative section until you are completely thorough with the procedure and revise the tougher concepts frequently. Some candidates pay less attention to practicing the problems and this eventually becomes a huge flaw. Even though the concepts seem familiar, practicing each and every problem ensures accuracy and gives you confidence. By just looking through the formulas does not mean the candidate knows how to apply the formula at the right time in the right way. Also, the quantitative section is generally presented with tougher questions in the recent GREs.
  • The topics may vary, but a good essay does not necessarily mean one has to use complicated or fancy words. The exam tests how the student perceives the argument and his clarity of the argument. Hence, the idea which the candidate presents is more important.Many candidates also skip the essay section while taking the mock tests.This is not advisable.
  • The habit of reading should be cultivated in the candidate as it is absolutely very important. Reading regularly helps improve vocabulary, concentration, and gives knowledge and ideas for essay writing. It majorly helps in identifying grammatical errors as well.
  • GRE Test is not only mentally taxing but also physically tiring because of the number of hours a candidate is required to concentrate. Take the one minute and ten minute breaks provided during the exam and resume again with improved concentration.Relax the day before. Listen to calming music and do any relaxing activity. Make sure you get sufficient sleep.

Here are a few Sample Papers:

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