KSHITIJ- techno-management fest by IIT-Kharagpur


From January 31 to February 3, KSHITIJ- a techno management fest is going to be host by IIT Kharagpur. This is the 11 the Edition of techno management convention. Last year 65000 students participated throughout the country. Prize money of 60 lakh is going to be won by the participant of KSHITIJ.


With a abundance of events across well over the key genres of science, technology, management and law, it deliver immense inspiration upon both participants and onlookers alike. This is the platform for the young minds who crave the opportunity to turn their eons of perseverance into accomplishment and benefit the society.

These events filled of lot’s of valuable programs with fun-full learning.

  • Woodstock : Real stock market game with virtual money
  • Forex : real time experience of the “foreign exchange”
  • C-Monopoly: Way towards a successful business empire in a cleaner and greener India.
  • Relic-Hunter: An online treasure hunt for net savvy participants! 
  • Math Challenge : The Game Of Math Number
  • Excalibur : Online Business Quiz
  • Cryptex: Cryptex is a prelude online event of Kshitij 2014 based on cryptology.
  • Mind sport :  Puzzles to test analytical and mathematical skills
  • Mobile War: A complete SMS based fun event.

This program is sponsored by large corporate, TATA Steel, Boeing, United Health Group, GE, Airbus and Bosch.

It also offers the ultimate opportunity to youth and learns from industry leaders through its elucidatory workshops.

This year’s workshops include: 

1) Rupee Depreciation by International Finance Corporation 
2) Game streaming by NVidia – With the world’s fastest mobile processor NVIDIA Tegra at its heart
3) Automotive Engineering by HONDA MOTORS – In this special hands-on workshop by Honda Motors.
4) The Mozboot Camp by MOZILLA – Mozilla brings you a technical workshop on code contribution to Firefox OS mentored by the top developers from Mozilla.
5) Semiconductor Fabrication by KLA TENCOR

To participate in the Event, participant can register on the website , www.ktj.in.

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