Kuruksastra – 15 , Annual Cultural Fest of SASTRA University


SASTRA University and Aircel jointly brings you the new edition of Kuruksastra – 15 a National level Cultural Fest and this time it has come up with a new and tastier theme which serves you with many events in the respective clusters. Showcase your talent in the creative and euphoric events and enjor the taste of the fest.

kurukhetraKuruksastra – 15 has many exciting and mouth-watering events which mainly include-


This event mainly emphases on the making of short films. The event details can be seen on the website which has been shown below.


This event brings the most talented and freshest on the arena of Drama. Flagship event of Kuruksastra – 15,Tempura withholds integrity and the purest of all wins the challenge.


This event is a general quiz challenge which will test your general idea about the world. You have different lits like Hindi lits,Telugulits,Englishlits where you can show your talents in the respective events.


The ultimate dance face off can be witnessed in Kuruksastra – 15.People from vivid colleges come to perform in this event and try to flaunt their talents.


If you are an avid lover of music then this is the best place for you to spectacle your music talent and witness the different bands from different colleges.

6-Fine arts

If you are a fervent enthusiast of arts then you can show case your talent by converting a small thing into a magnificent work of art by using cups, cloth or paper any material given.

The event is between 19th of March to 22nd of march. There are even pro shows where fun awaits for you and I can guarantee that here would be nothing other than fun.

Details of the events and the fest can be checked on www.kuruksastra.in

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