Law Education , New Demand for the Society


Now our society is more civic conscious and aware about the legal frame works. It adds to the value of the law profession. Legal education is now getting more popularity among the students. After the law educations anybody can be engage him/ her for practice of the law and advise the client for the legal matters.

A lawyer can be act as Advocates and Advisors on behalf of their client’s .They fight case for the client and also counsel the client to avoid the off beam.

As time changes, there are so many subjects added to the law education to provide better understanding of the law. In addition to traditional branches, Cyber law, intellectual property law, international law added to the system.  This will provide you a wide channel to choose the specialization in the law education.

To understand the complexity of the legal system, legal education helps to understand and act for the people.

The legal education always inclined towards the client service as an advocate or legal consultant. The fundamental purpose of a lawyer is to resolve the legal problems of the client.

The courses on Legal Education are taught by integrating classroom teaching with Mock up exercises. 

Eligibility for the Law Education:-

Students can start the legal education after finishing 12th as BA-LLB – Graduation in Law.

The Duration of LLB course is 5 years. The LLB course is regulated by the Bar Council of India which sets rules and regulations regarding legal practice in the country.

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Cost of Law Education:-

The cost of law Education is not much higher compared to the other technical education. Cost of Education is again depends on place and Reputation of the Institute. A student can spend Maximum Rs 30,000 per year.

Growth and Opportunity of the Law Education:-

The growth of legal education is on track from several years, but recently the demand of law professional is sharply increased with respect to the growth of the Industry. Now legal education is not only for the legal rights, it also treated as the consultant for most of the industry.

Salary and Remuneration:-

There is no fixed salary and remuneration for the legal profession. It depends upon case to case and job of the lawyer. A legal consultant can earn more than Rs 50,000 per month.  It also add the flexibility of the working and job structure.

The legal profession is always being problem solvers and innovators. They can continuously change the approach to bringing new challenges and rewards.

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