What you learn from Advertisements ? is they sell or they Inform ?


Advertisements is the main media to reach the customer as well as transfer information from seller to buyer. Advertisement always bracketed with time line and give more information within specified slot.

Now a days most of the advertisements attract the customer with emotional touch and bind them with a brand value.  Te full idea is to drive customer in a particular way to a product.

A Creative Advertisement By Mercedes!

Emotional Advertisement by Naik Foundation !

This is the best advertisement which describe the power of help. How a small child help a need by sharing his money.

Flipkart: No Kidding. No Worries !

Flipkart is trying to reach every one with small child in adult look. The advertisements inform the customer about the facility they provide for you.

With a complete emotional touch , all the advertiser want to spread their radius to the customers heart. Now most of the advertisements carry human touch with emotion and belief.

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