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Microsoft Excel is the tool widely used in the office as well as in personal life. Microsoft Excel was released in 1985 and become most used computer program in the workspace around the world. It helps to understand and magnify the business process.

Microsoft Excel is commonly used for Finance and accounting, Sales and marketing, Data Management, HR process and complicated math functions.

Excel simplified the finance and accounting process worldwide.

Microsoft Excel Online free

Excel comes with various facility and functions which help to  simplify the business decision process.

How to learn Microsoft Excel Online free?

There are lots of videos and tutorials are available to learn Microsoft Excel online free of cost. I found Excelexposure.com is the best guide online to learn Microsoft Excel Free of cost.

Excelexposure includes Online Video tutorial as well as notes to understand Excel step by step. It explains Excel by an easy and simple method which can be easily understood by anyone.

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