Light and Sound Show at Delhi University


University of Delhi organised a Light and Sound Show from the 10th to the 14th of March at the Vice Regal Lodge. This 35 minutes long show was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University- Dinesh Singh. While inaugurating the show he asked every individual attached with the university, in one way or the other, to witness the show at least once. And that will not be worthless if you will attend the show!

light show Delhi University_2The Light and Sound Show majorly focused on making the audience familiar with the history of the University of Delhi. Because knowledge of past is important for the starting of present and secure future. This show personified the Vice Regal Lodge, which narrated the entire story of how the University came into existence. Starting with the war of independence, this show took each one from the audience for a tour of history. The audience was also told how St. Stephen’s College and Hindu College were the first two colleges to be established as a part of DU. Many unknown facts about the Lodge itself were revealed during the show. The audience seemed to enjoy the show, which was very much visible by the way they applauded from time to time.

light show Delhi University_1 During the entire show, flooded with different colored lights, the Vice Regal Lodge was beautiful scene. This highly informative show was concluded by the Vice Chancellor with his words, Vishwavidalaya mein Bharat samaaya hai aur Bharat mein Vishwavidhalaya” (India is contained in the University, and the University in India) it feels he have captured all the emotions of ours in this one line! So true! University of Delhi is one of those place where we can find all flavours of India!
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