List of Top 10 Websites for MBA Preparation

op 10 Websites for MBA Preparation

In the age of the internet, it’s quite easy to prepare any of the Competitive examinations online from anywhere at any time. Websites play a major role to provide information and study environment with a negligible cost. 

Websites are creating virtual study atmosphere along with ample space of information for free use. 

Not only they provide information in a different bucket, but also centralizing your experience with analytics tools.

By using the analytics tools, they reflecting your preparation level for your reference.

Analytics is helping the students to understand the weaker areas of participation and ping you with valuable inputs of moderation. 

Websites are the better source of information and platform for learning at own pace. 

There are different numbers of Websites are available over the internet calming for the Education resources.

You have to follow the right to avoid ameliorate content. 

Flashy content will consume your time without any result.  It’s time to avoid multiple wrong contents and stick to the limited right content provider. 

Before starting for preparation check out minimum qualification requirements and list of  MBA Entrance examination available for you.

Here will Discuss Top 10 Websites for MBA preparation, which can help you to maximize your strength of learning to get a rank for Admission. 

top 10 websites for MBA preparationAs per my Study, clubbing the websites according to their functionality.

  1. Information
  2. Preparation
  3. Practice – Mock Test

You need the information first. Before preparation information is your eye to visualize the Content.  Information will help you with your selection of the materials as per exam need.

After gathering information, it’s time for preparation. 

Preparation follow multiple paths according to the Aspirants. Depending upon your background, a timeline for the subjects will be decided.

Use the Books for Fundamental clarity on the subjects, then follow materials of the Websites ( Refer only updated materials ). 

List of Top 10 Websites for MBA Preparation

op 10 Websites for MBA PreparationI prepared this list of Top 10 Websites for MBA preparation according to the functionality of the Website. These are not in Ascending or descending in nature.

As information is the most requirement for your Preparation, follow these websites for updated correct information.

All the above websites are full of information related to multiple MBA Entrance examination including Announcement dates to Eligibility and guidance to study materials.

This is one of the best websites followed by maximum Management Aspirants. The information provided by this website is your helping hand for preparation. 

You will find the information for all MBA Entrance examination including preparation tips and Material details. 

Along with the Entrance detailed information, you can also get the institute details and admission procedure for the institute from this portal. 

This website is one stop destination of information for all Entrance Examination. 

With this website, you will get the information for Exam Dates, Details of the Examination, Admission alert and some free study materials for preparation.

One of the trusted source of information for all MBA Aspirants. The website is full of information for all Competitive examination. 

Along with the entrance information, you can also search for Institutes you are looking for. 

AI tolls of the websites will help you on Result prediction and Institute selection. 

Top 10 Websites for MBA Preparation 

After collecting the correct information, start preparing for the Exam.

You must have to gather fundamental knowledge from the different prescribed book prior to adopt online materials. 

Online materials will be easy to capture when you have clarity on subject knowledge. 

You can prepare your complete Examination from home with the help of these websites. You will find few free Study materials but have to purchase if you are interested in more. 

Let’s Discus the feature and benefits of each Website.

Career Launcher is one of the well-known names in offline classes available throughout India. 

I remembered, When I was preparing for an MBA, there was no availability of Online resources. We have only one option to choose classroom preparation mode. 

Nowadays all the reputed Competitive Coaching Centre added online preparation model to their course structure. 

Online Learning is part of their activities now. 

You can prepare for all MBA Entrance examination, like CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT and other state levels too through Career launcher programs.

MBA Online Classes Comprehensive Plus MBA Online Classes Comprehensive MBA Online Classes + Test Series + Test Gym MBA Online Classes
Rs 35,500 Rs 33,500 Rs 33,500 Rs 30000
Features of the course
70+ virtual classroom sessions (CAT Specific) 70+ virtual classroom sessions (CAT Specific) 70+ virtual classroom sessions (CAT Specific) 70+ live online sessions (CAT Specific)
40+ virtual classroom sessions spanning NMAT, IIFT, SNAP, XAT, TISSNET, and MICAT 40+ virtual classroom sessions spanning NMAT, IIFT, SNAP, XAT, TISSNET, and MICAT 40+ sessions spanning NMAT, IIFT, SNAP, XAT, TISSNET, and MICAT 40+ sessions spanning NMAT, IIFT, SNAP, XAT, TISSNET, and MICAT
Combination of CAT mocks, Non-CAT mocks & 7500+ practice questions 275+ recorded videos with smart tips & tricks Get the classroom experience in the comfort of your home Get the classroom experience in the comfort of your home
275+ recorded videos of tips & tricks Get the classroom experience in the comfort of your home Combination of CAT mocks, Non-CAT Mocks & 7500+ practice questions Understand concepts and practice more through e-books
Understand concepts and practice more through e-books Understand concepts and practice more through e-books Understand concepts and practice more through e-books

Preparation options are available in both the Website and Mobile Apps format for better use. 

Online Programs Available for you:-

  1. Classroom Coaching
  2. CAT Online Classes
  3. CAT Test Series
  4. MBA Residential
  5. Smart CAT Cracker
  6. Books and Materials
  7. Non-CAT Online Classes
  8. Non-CAT Test Series
  9. Test Gym
  10. GD-PI

Career launcher also runs a residential program to focus on only CAT Preparation. Test Gym is one of the best Mock Test Series to test your preparation level and understand your weaker areas to focus more. 

IIT Kharagpur alumnus Ravi Handa is a well-known name in CAT Preparation. You can access multi-authored best course materials including Video Tutorials, Live Classes, Study Materials and Mock Tests with the lowest price.

There is 3 variant of courses available for the MBA aspirants. 

  1. CAT 2019 Course : Rs : 7499
  2. CAT 2019 Course+ CAT Test Series : Rs 8499
  3. Complete MBA Preparation: Rs 9499

Handakafunda - Website for MBA Preparation

You can also follow his blog to get the latest information, tips, and techniques for MBA preparation. founded by Rajesh Balasubramanian who scored 4 times 100 percentile and 1 time 99.77 percentile in CAT Exam. 

More than half of the content of 2IIM is prepared by Rajesh only to give you a better experience. 

The content of the 2IIM is fully focused on CAT preparation. But as all the MBA entrance exams are with similar Exam pattern and Syllabus, you can use these materials and techniques for any other MBA Entrance Examination.

What will you get from  

First of all 20% content of the 2IIM is free to use which will give an impression of the structure of the materials available for you. 

Below 4 Options will be available free for use.

  • 5 Free Classes: You can easily access 5 complete topics from basic level CAT materials at free of cost. These 5 classes are representative of the whole course. 
  • Last mile Training Guide: GD/PI/WAT guides are available free to all users. This is the helping hand for your preparation.
  • CAT Topical Test Series: To check your preparation level, you can use 400+ CAT level questions in the form of a topical test series. You can also get the detailed solution for these questions and can be reviewed your performance through Powerful analytics tools.
  • Full-length Mock Test: One full-length Mock test is also free for all user to review the interface, solution details and analytics tools of the 2IIM.

The content of 2IIM is in the unique structure and can be accessed through online and offline too. There is no extra hardware required to use the course materials. 

These are the best features of the 2IIM for better Preparation  

  • You can get the fully functional course on your mobile to use anywhere at any time seamlessly 
  • You can also use the download option of the materials to your mobile and can be used when you are away from the internet. Easy, without the internet, you can learn from downloaded videos materials. 
  • Corse format is compactable across all platform, so you can use the course materials with any Mobile handsets. 
  • Course materials are customized prepared only for online use by using optimized technology. 

Available Courses:-  

Below are the 6 Courses are available to subscribe for MBA Preparation. These courses are completely for online learning. 

  • Comprehensive CAT 2019: Rs 26000/-
  • Green CAT 2019: RS 23000/-
  • Quantitative Aptitude for CAT 2019: Rs 16000/-
  • Complete DI-LR Course: Rs 14000/-
  • Comprehensive CAT 2020: Rs 35000/-
  • Green CAT 2019: RS 32000/  

If you are looking for multiple or exam Specific preparation, this website will help you in each manner. 

The course materials are also within the budget of all group of Aspirants. 

You can enroll for the courses starting from Rs 799/-. 

Non-CAT Aspirants can also use Non-CAT Test Series to visualize the preparation level with help of advanced analytics Analysis tools. 

Along with the course materials, you can also get the tools for Interview preparation Essay Writing and WAT Preparation. 

Top 10 Websites for MBA Preparation

As course materials available with multiple options, you can easily select one by one and get the maximum benefits for the availability.

Best websites for Mock Tests for MBA Preparation

Mock Tests are the best tools to check the performance of your Preparation.  It helps to understand the areas of strength and weakness and guide you to the next level of preparation. 

Most of the mock tests provide Analytics tools with a deep analysis of your preparation level.

These Practice tests are also a source of knowledge as it comes with a detailed solution for each question. 

Find the list of websites you can use for your Practice.

Olive Board following the Practice and Prepare Approach. 

The platform provides you to access the conceptual study materials as per your test Score. 

Insightful information of your performance helps you to improve your speed, accuracy and efficiency level to prepare smartly for your Examination. 

Practice Test series covers the entire syllabus of the Exam. 

Olive Board covers the Examination like CAT, SNAP, IIFT, CMAT, MHCET, NMAT and XAT. 

It offers 3 variant of Mock Test to purchase.

  • CAT Mock: 10 CAT Mock Test in Latest Pattern – Rs. 1699/-
  • CAT Practice Pro: 10 CAT Mock Test + 40 Topic Wise Test – Rs. 1999/-
  • CAT + XAT Practice: 10 CAT Mock Test + 40 Topic Wise Test+5 XAT Mock Test + XAT Decision Making Supplement – Rs. 2499/-

Website: Testfunda

Looking for customized Exam wise Mock Test, TestFunda is the best option for you. 

Either you can choose all test Packs or create your own pack by Exam Wise.  Prices are varied according to the number of tests provided for the specific exam. 

Testfunda Mocktest details _ top 10 websites for MBA Preparation

You can also check out free Mock tests available to experience the paper pattern and difficulty level of each exam.Testfunda _ Top 10 websites for MBA Preparation

Cracku is also one of the best platforms for Mock Test series to practice MBA Entrance Examination.

Test Series covers examination like CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, CMAT, and SNAP. 

For MBA Courses you will get 750 videos, 15000 solved questions, 25 National Mocks, 150 Notes and Sets, 15 Previous year Papers and daily free Tests to practice your Exam. 

You can also use Cracku Mobile Apps for Mock Test to use anytime from anywhere. 

Final Points:-

These are List of Top 10 Websites for MBA Preparation which will be your best friend at the time of Preparation. By the help of these websites, you can prepare for your dream career in management.

Before starting preparation, you must select your Institute level, and confirm with the institute about the acceptance ofScore card.

According to the scorecard acceptance of the Institute, you have to prepare.

Use these free video materials for your concept clearance and daily dose as an add on benefit to your preparation.

As books are the main source of fundamental knowledge, don’t try to ignore it. Use these books for your concept clearance.

Hope my list, Top 10 Websites for MBA Preparation will help you to achieve your career need.

Your Suggestions are valuable for me to upgrade our information level. Comment this article with your inputs.

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