Lore India Foundation Scholarship Trust Announced India’s Largest Scholarship Program


Lore India Foundation Scholarship Trust Announced India’s Largest Scholarship Program worth of 5.5 Crore. The initiative is made for student of class X to XII. Its is India’s largest Scholarship program to reward the young talented minds as well as provide financial assistance to the institute also.

The Lore India Foundation has been established to identifying young talents in school level and honing their talents to contribute for the better future for the nation and society. Rewarding the talents and assist them to realizing the potential to achieve the goal is the main motto of the Lore India Foundation.


The best unique feature of the program is to provide financial Aid to the Education Institute for development of Infrastructure adapting new technology and financial assistance for the under privileged  merits students.

Scholarship value of 3 lakh to 50 lakh will be distributed to the merits students  based upon the Learning Aptitude Test. 

This also includes recognition program for the schools, which will be ranked based upon the test score of the students in Aptitude Test. The Financial Assistance of 25 lakh, 15 lakh and 10 lakh will be awarded to the top 3 schools based upon the performance of their students.

On the outset of  Govt, the Lore India Foundation’s Scholarship scheme is the Nations Largest program to participate enhancing the education system by rewarding the talents as well as schools. Enhancement of the education system and participants will show the economical development and Nation building.

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