Major Disturbance in the Working of Government Colleges in Karnataka



For the past few months, Government colleges in Karnataka have been facing massive administrative disturbances due to the lack of college administrative heads. Many professors have been functioning with multiple duties which have led to an increase in their work load. As per the department of the college education, 376 — or, some 91% — of the 411 GFGCs in the state don’t have a permanent principal. Statistics says that in Bengaluru only three of the 20-plus GFGCs have permanent principals.

One of the associate professors in a Bengaluru-based GFGC said he was transferred from one college to another as a stand-in principal and he has been discharging duties of a permanent principal without getting neither the pay of a principal nor any incentive. The Government of Karnataka which used to promote associate professors as principals of GFGCs hasn’t done so since 2011. This is seen as the major reason for the breakdown of the administrative system in the government colleges.

The president of the Karnataka Government College Teachers’ Association, H Prakash, said that the department has renamed the post of a temporary principal as on-other-duty principal, but these principals don’t have the power to take any decision. He further said many associate professors have been transferred from one college to another college to work as stand-in principals. Prakash stated, “”The basic salary of an associate professor is Rs 37,000 per month, and after promotion as principal, it is increased by Rs 2,000, but the department is not doing this,”. This certainly does not show a bright future for the government colleges in Karnataka

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Rituparna Das
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