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Students!!! Making notes in class is an integral part of college life. But who can think of an entrepreneurship idea on making notes. Here comes, Mr. Rajan Chandi, the CEO and founder of “ Classmint ”, who is into this idea of making class notes easy for the students. We are glad to know his concept and idea about “Classmint” and would like to share the same with you all.

During our recent interview with Mr. Rajan, we came to know that he was inspired to create something on study notes since his childhood.

“As a kid I used to create study notes in a specific format and carry with me in my pocket. That helped me a lot and I could score district first in XII science. I want to build something that can help people take study notes in the best possible format.

Cornell Notes happen to be that format and implements them in the best possible manner”, Mr. Rajan says.

Apart from him, his co-founder Mr. Amar Prabhu is also involved in the concept. As he says, Initially a professor at Cornell University Mr. classmintWalter Pauk invented Cornell Notes to help his students. Then Mr. Rajan and Mr. Prabhu improved it by using computer technologies. He always wanted to build something cool in the field of education to serve the students, and he found the idea of study notes really cool. Mr. Rajan is the Developer, Designer, Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Internet Nerd. Whereas, Mr. Prabhu is the Programmer, Maker, Writer, Physics fan, Foodie and Overall Geek. They are looking to launch mobile apps and possibly study notes market place in a year’s time.

As any success story face challenges, they also faced challenges in the initiation. Mr. Rjan says, “One challenge is monetization. Another is the product adoption in India.

US students have created 10000+ notes, but Indian students have created only 2000 notes.” Lots of teachers tweet about them, email then and students learn using “Classmint”. A number of students have written to them citing “Classmint” as a reason for their academic success. It really makes him happy to build such cool product and get these reviews from the market.

As an entrepreneur he says, “Well, I think of myself as more of a product artist than an entrepreneur. It’s important to know one self while you’re at it. Entrepreneurship can be considered as a learning and enlightenment journey.”

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