Malala Yousafazi: Right of Girls to Education



An extremely brave individual, shot for raising her voice advocating girl’s education in Pakistan, has become synonymous with activities facilitating the spread of education for girls worldwide. Even before she was shot, Malala was well-known in Pakistan for her activities regarding girl’s education. As she took her pen to reveal the implacable attitude of the Taliban towards female education, the whole world witnessed how far one goes for the thirst of knowledge.

She has brought into focus various issues that contribute to more than 61 million girls being out of school along with the low possibility of them entering the primary school, unlike boys. Early marriage, gender-based violence, disruptive attitude towards female education are few of the factors that lead to the above mentioned devastating statistics. Concerning mainly the difficulty of reaching for education in violence-prone areas, Malala states that these it is an only education which can bring peace in the long run.

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According to Malala, the possibility of a just and equitable society without gender inequality can only be achieved through education. For this reason education for all is so important. Further, it is only through proper education that a nation learns to discern what is good from bad, forming the building block of society. In all her tours worldwide to thrust the importance of female education she repeatedly stated that one should never give up one’s right for a proper school education or any attack against right to learn.

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Rituparna Das
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