MANGALYAAN – Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) will Inspire for Career as Space Scientist


India is touching a new height – is our young generation too??

India has created history by being first nation to successfully launch its mission to Mars on this Wednesday 24th of September. It was not an easy task to get our spaceship into the orbit around Mars. It includes multiple efforts and failures. Prior to this also, India has done a few successful satellite launches, which includes Chandrayaan-1 Lunar Orbiter. It was launched in 2008 and discovered a few evidences of water on the moon.

ISRO’s maiden MOM mission has been marked as a low budget space launch. The mission has cost $74 million, which is almost one-tenth of other mars missions. It had been launched into space on November 5, 2013, from a rocket port at Sriharikota, an island in Bay of Bengal. It has also captured and sent it’s first image of the red planet.


Career as space scientist :-

The project has spread a sense of vibration in the country, especially among the students, who dream to become a space scientist. There are immense opportunities in the sector such as scientist, disaster management, weather forecasting, satellite navigation or global communications. It is an exciting career indeed, but it needs a lot of effort to put in, to reach the height.

A few key points for the students to note to look at it as a career:

  • You must have to have science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as your subjects in XI and XII. And you have to clear the board exams with excellent marks.
  • After completion of XII, you need to appear for competitive exams like AIEEE or JEE, which will give you eligibility to take admission in institutes or colleges that offer specialized courses on the subject.
  • Various institutes offering the courses are Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram; Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Mumbai, Madras, Kharagpur and Kanpur.

So, fly High & Touch the sky.

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