Mathematics Phobia and Competitive Exams



Mathematics as a subject has been a point of intimidation for many students. But it is an integral part of most of the job related competitive exams and applicants are generally terrified of it. Be it CAT, NET, SSC or WBCS, applicants are tested on it and there is no way around. In majority of cases it becomes a determining factor in the selection process and helps in eliminating weak applicants.

Maths and Competitive ExamsThe mathematics phobia is seen to have a deep root in the early years of school life. This snowballs into a situation where one finds herself or himself too scared of answering an exam which affects their overall performance. An early solution is to tackle the problem at the base from the beginning but as many have crossed that age the only solution is to face the fear now and work on particular target areas. Usually a fair idea about the kind of mathematical aptitude required is got from solving previous year’s questions papers. An applicant has to concentrate on only those difficult areas of mathematics which the exam requires.

Enrolling in institutes is the obvious step which anyone takes to prepare themselves for a competitive exam. But along with it if an applicant makes it a point to acknowledge the basic area of trouble then the phobia of mathematics can be overcome. Be it percentage, age calculation or differentiation, what one needs to do is identify their difficulty in understanding the language first and then go on to tackle the calculation part. Regular hours of disciplined practice along with addressing of specific target areas can easily solve this apparent impossibility.

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Rituparna Das
Student Reporter at Linkfried, Rituparna is a student of Yadavpur University, Calcutta. She writes about Education News, Information , announcement From calcutta.