Narendra Modi: Focus on Qualitative Improvement in Education


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised a very important point while addressing the issue of education in our country. The education that is provided should be wholesome as well as have a qualitative approach so that the best is delivered to the students. The speech by Modi was delivered for the Bloomberg India Economic Forum. It is crucial to see that the educational institutions that are set up in the country at present aim at delivering the best to young aspirants. Only a qualitative approach could bring faster progress in our country.

PM Modi stated, “We announced path-breaking reforms in the education sector. Improving the quality of learning will be my government’s primary objective”. The primary aim of the current government as Modi said would aim to empower higher educational institutions for helping them attaining the highest standards possible. The reconstruction of higher educational forums following the path of qualitative approach would strength the very foundation of India. He also mentioned that the government will provide an enabling regulatory architecture to 10 public and private institutions each so that they emerge as the world-class teaching and research institution along with a regulatory framework that will separate them from existing structures like the University Grants Commission and All India Council for Technical Education.

He has stated that there would be complete autonomy in academic, administrative and financial matters in the institutions. Additional resources would be allocated for the next five years for the 10 public universities. It would eventually allow ordinary Indians access to affordable world-class degree courses. Modi said that India had registered quantitative progress in access and pupil-teacher ratios. This new path of qualitative approach is sure to put essential stress on our education system.

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