Why Nasscom Creates Course ware for BPM Sector in Finance and Accounting ?


It’s a Good News for the people who are on the job in BPM sector and also those who are interested in joining this as a career. NASSCOM  introduced Courseware for BPM Sector in Finance and Accounting to meet the growing demand of skilled people in BPM Sector. 

Now most of the Business process Units are operating from India for most of the Big companies around the world. This course will increase the skill level of the employee of BPM sector so that the quality of the work will improve. It also adds the skilled force to the upcoming demand in this sector. 

With a target line of 11% to 12% growth in BPM sector, this course will keep talent pipeline ready to meet the demand of the sector. 

NASSCOMAs per the NASSCOM In FY2014, Indian IT-BPM industry is estimated to account for revenues of USD 118 billion  With a large, multicultural and highly aspirational workforce of over 3.1 million employees, the industry today is the largest private sector employer in India.

In India, over 1600 firms with 3000+ software product firms has the ability to provide coverage of all technology engagements . India has the more than 25 yaer of experience as vendor management as well as partner role in Software industry. India maintain leadership position in global arena and hope to continue as a leder in software as well as business Process Management. 

The unique ample opportunities of organisations in different size and model is  approaching the global player to out source from India. Also India lead in cost cometative ness among all countries . 

India is a big player in BPM for Fiance and accounting and it will grow further as per the upcoming demand in this sector. To overcome the shortage of skilled paople in this sector, introduction of course wire for Finance and Accounting will add more value. 

Read The Complete ReportNasscom creates courseware in finance & accounting for BPM sector

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