National Queer Conference 2015 at Jadavpur University


The fourth National Queer Conference 2015 has been organized by Sappho for Equality, an organization working towards solving various problems regarding gender inequalities. This is a three day conference starting from 11th September to 13th September at the H.L Roy auditorium in Jadavpur University. The conference has been titled this year as “Femininities and Masculinities” that aptly summarizes this year’s topic of discussion at the conference.

National Queer Conference at JUThe conference will have a total of nine sessions divided between the three days. All these sessions would pick particular issues regarding the binaries of gender theory and recent development upon it. With recent changes in law such as the Supreme Court’s decision of upholding ones right to gender expression has triggered various aspects that tend to challenge previously established, rigid thought regarding masculinity and femininity. The conference will aim to address all such issues with various professors coming from all over the country to partake in these discussions.

What the conference is trying to aim at is to spread more awareness among the people to sensitive issues from which people in general shy away. A discussion on such topics have been long due, and the fourth conference on it is trying, in its small way to bring such aspects of concern in everybody’s notice. The Keynote address has been delivered by Prof. Dr. Saskia E Wieringa, Honorary Professor at University of Amsterdam and Secretary of the Kartini Asia Network, with which the fourth conference took a splendid start. We need to see more such initiatives in years to come.

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Rituparna Das
Student Reporter at Linkfried, Rituparna is a student of Yadavpur University, Calcutta. She writes about Education News, Information , announcement From calcutta.