National Student Engagement Campaign to be launched by UGC



Cleanliness has been a major concern in this country, particularly after the Modi government came to power. Now UGC has asked colleges and universities to set up cleanliness panels as it works to launch a national student-engagement campaign for the purpose, seeking to create cleaner campuses across the country. This initiative is soon to be undertaken in an official manner and engage members from all sectors of the higher education system for the creation of a cleaner campus life.

This would in turn lead to a hygienic campus atmosphere for studies, make it disease free and will increase the aesthetic value of the place. Though this plan is in its conceptualization stage, it could be soon implemented. UGC secretary Jaspal S Sandhu in a letter to vice-chancellors of all universities said that the regulatory body is partnering with the urban development ministry to launch a campaign for making students active stakeholders in making India clean. It involves for the institutions to administer a “swachhata” pledge and maintain a record form with signature of students of each class who take this pledge.

As per the pledge, students undertake to devote two hours per week to voluntary work for cleanliness while also aiming to add more volunteers for the cause. The UGC letter on this matter stated,” lt is also requested that a Swachhata Ambassador Committee (SAC) of students and teachers be set up for overseeing and monitoring the cleanliness and hygiene status of the institution. Please keep a record of the SAC that has been set up, with members’ details and composition.” Students for this would require to register individually on

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Rituparna Das
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