National University Bill Goes Online for Public Views, Add your Views for Change


Govt has taken new initiation, National University Bill Goes online for Public Views on Website. For suggestions and Inputs, National University Bill opens for Public now. The idea of Govt is to take inputs from public to make it successful. 

The education system is the most important to improve country’s Economy. There are lots of changes by NDA Govt to Improve country by implementing the various new policy to the system. 

National University Bill which proposes to establish a world class fully autonomous institution of National Importance for training and research in military studies

National University BillIndia has the second largest higher education system in the World. But Gross enrollment ratio in higher education is low at 23.6% in 2014-15 whereas the target is to increase to 25.2% in 17-18 and 30% in 2020-21. 

The quality of education is the main concern in India. Inappropriate curriculum, Infrastructure deficiency and lack of trained teacher is the major challenge for Indian Education System . 

The best part of India is it’s youth population, more than 54% of the total population in below 25 years of age. If the young generation fully equipped by the education, it’s possible to change the Indian Economical system. 

Why Suggestions required for National University Bill ?

As it is going to Add value to our education system by replacing the Old one, need valuable inputs from the public on the Bill to Implement. 

If the suggestion is valid to add to the Bill, that will be considered for the change. 

You can read the complete National University Bill here and give your Valuable Suggestions for change. 

Govt has also launched Free Online Skill Development Courses through online portal

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