NCFM : Gate Pass to Securities Market Job


Most of the student after finish of Graduation or Post Graduation in Finance wants to join securities market and accept dream in Stock Market. For them NCFM certification is most important additional certification.

As per National Stock Exchange, you must have to pass the NCFM module to operate the trading terminal in the broking House.  This is a short term certification and valid up to 3 year and 5 year respective top the Module. All the certification of NCFM is valid for short time period.  Because of additional technology enhancement in the financial market, as well as changing of product infrastructure in the market.

NCFM provides discipline knowledge and quality of the worker to the financial market.

NCFM is an online testing program by National stock exchange (NSE).NSE

All Module of NCFM divided in to 3 categories according to the use of module.

  1. Foundation Module
  2. Intermediate Module
  3. Advanced Module

Foundation Modules are the Beginner Module, gives a complete understanding about Indian Equity Market. This is a basic level of program for the new comer to the Indian financial market.  The structure of the course provides knowledge about the investment avenues in the primary and secondary market.

Most of this module cost Rs 1686/- , No Of Questions: 60, Duration: 120 Mints and Pass Mark: 50%.

FIMMDA- NSE Debt market and Securities Market basic module, pass mark is 60%.

List of Foundation Modules:-

  • Financial Markets : beginner Module
  • Mutual Funds : Beginner Module
  • Currency Derivatives : Beginner Module
  • Equity Derivative : Beginner Module
  • Interest Derivatives : Beginner Module
  • Commercial Banking In India : Beginner Module
  • FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market ( Basic) Module
  • Securities Market :  Basic Module

 Intermediate Modules are designed for the people who want to work in the securities market.This will provide the dept knowledge to work in securities market, depository, Banks, Mutual fund companies and PMS companies. It will sharpen the knowledge to provide service to the client of the financial market.  This module helps to understand financial market deeply as well as teach the guidance in the market.

All the Intermediate Modules are cost you Rs 1686/- and pass mark is different according to the module. ( kindly refer for the more information ).

List of the Intermediate Modules:-

  • Capital Markets ( Dealer ) Module
  • Derivative Markets ( Dealer ) Module
  • Investment analysis and portfolio management
  • Fundamental analysis module
  • Options trading Strategy Module
  • Operations Risk management module
  • Banking Sector module
  • Insurance module
  • NSDL- Depository Module
  • Commodities Market Module
  • Surveillance in stock market module
  • Corporate governance Module
  • Compliance Officer (Broker ) Module
  • Compliance officer ( Corporate ) Module
  • Technical Analysis Module
  • Mergers and Acquisition Module
  • Back Office Operation Module
  • Wealth Management Module
  • Venture Capital and private Equity Module
  • NSE Certified Quality Analyst Module

 Advanced Module of the NCFM provides Dept and compressive Knowledge of the Indian Financial Market. It will add value to the student who want to get acquainted with the various products, players, and functioning of the financial Markets.

List of Advanced Module:-

  • Financial Markets ( Advanced) Module
  • Securities Market ( Advanced ) Module
  • Derivative ( Advanced) Module
  • Mutual Fund ( Advanced)  Module
  • Options Trading ( Advanced ) Module
  • Modules of CFP
  • Equity Research Module
  • Issue Management Module
  • Market Risk Module
  • Financial Modelling course.

Intermediate Module are the Main Module by which any one can join the Broker for the Job.

Bellow  Modules are required to join as dealer in the Securities market.

  • Capital Markets ( Dealer ) Module
  • Derivative Markets ( Dealer ) Module

Depository Modules are Required to Work in DP section or in Depository Service.

Choose your Module According to your Interest in the Securities market .

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