New Education Policy By Indian Govt to Improve Education


This year, on the mark of the Republic Day of India, the Indian government has decided to initiate a New education policy (NEP). This policy has a feature of including the feedback of ever villager from every village in the country.

This process is said to have undergone a lot of time of serious thinking and brainstorming in the HRD ministry and other autonomous bodies to help improve the quality of education in India. This new policy has a vision of fulfilling the demands of the rapidly changing requirements of the Indian population in reference to quality education, innovation and research.

New Education PolicyAccording to the plan, this particular discussion will start right from the village level, then to the block level followed by the district level and finally moved on to at the state level. Each state will then be responsible to As per the planning, first the discussion will begin at the village level, then to the block level and then to districts and finally at the state level. Each state would be responsible to assemble and then caterto the larger issues brought out at each level. Final discussions would take place at the Centre.

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Also, to assist the discussion at each level, the government is said to have shortlisted 32 themes and expects that all the considerations of the new policy will develop.

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