New Style of Resume to join Flipkart, Want to try it?


To Join a company Resume is  compulsory Because it represents you to the company. It describes your potential in a short manner. SO there is a standard format of resume which everybody follow to land at job. But sometimes crazy people do some crazy thing to describe them self in a passionate manner. 

Akash Neeraj Mittal, Student of IIT Kharagpur did something crazy and describe as a product in Flipkart portal. By using Photoshop, he created a resume looks like a product available for sale in E-commerce Portal Flipkart. 

To Land job at Flipkart, he sells himself as a product having the cost of Rs 26,60,200 with complete description of him. He put his complete dimension to attract the crowd. 

akash neeraj mittal

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This is nothing but a presentation of passion and interest in a particular manner to attract the eyes of the Recruiter of Flipkart. Salute to his creativity and style of presentation. 

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