New Syllabus in Rajasthan Textbooks drop Western Writers


Textbook Syllabus Change

In the new syllabus poems by the likes of John Keats, Thomas Hardy, William Blake, T S Eliot and Edward Lear have been removed by the order of the Rajasthan government from the revised Class VIII English textbooks. Hindi chapters which were loaded with Urdu words were dropped as these were said to be difficult for the students. Teachers have made known that l this promotion of local writers will affect the students in national-level competitions and students with the help of the revised syllabus would be better equipped to appreciate their own culture.

So Thomas Hardy’s ‘When I Set Out For Lyonnesse’, Eliot’s ‘Macavity: The Mystery Cat’ and Blake’s ‘The School Boy’ have been dropped, works such as ‘My first visit to the bank’, ‘The Brave Lady of Rajasthan’, ‘Chittor’, ‘Sangita the brave girl’ have been included in the first lot of revised textbooks that have arrived at state textbook depots in Ajmer, Udaipur, Dausa, Bharatpur, and Jaipur. Foreign authors have been dropped as part of the education department’s directive to the textbook rewriting committee to include content that evokes a sense of pride in the state and the country.

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Hindi textbook has also undergone a complete change. Urdu author Ismat Chugtai’s short story ‘Kamchor’ and Hari Shankar Parsai’s ‘Bus Ki Yatra’ have also been omitted. P Sainath’s ‘Jaha Pahiya hai'(Where there is a wheel), which talks about bicycles becoming a symbol of women emancipation, was also dropped by the textbook rewriting committee. The committee of textbook rewriting has declared that only those works aimed at promoting awareness about the local region would be included in the syllabus or in textbooks for students to study.

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