New System to Crack IIT Entrance from 2017


IIT change

With 2017, there is going to change the format of Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE). Those students aspiring to get admission in the premier engineering institutes will have to take an aptitude test that will evaluate their scientific mettle and innovative-thinking ability. A format of online test that would be designed might be offered twice or more times a year. National Testing Service (NTS) is the agency that will conduct the test that would be set up in 2016.

The purpose of this test as said by one member of the Committee of Eminent Persons (CEP) is that test was to discourage students from mugging up or joining coaching classes, as is now the norm. Most of the IITs and the Union human resource development ministry have been concerned about the practice of aspiring techies increasingly joining coaching classes to crack the challenging entrance exams. A member who did not want his name disclosed said, “The idea is to discourage the culture of joining coaching classes. A test that evaluates scientific aptitude could keep students and their parents away from coaching classes because one cannot be trained in aptitude.”

However, the government has decided to keep the committee’s recommendations in the public domain for consultation with stakeholders. Students would be allowed in IITs based on the results of their NTS. The inspiration for this kind of an aptitude test was the SAT, which students in the United States take to get admission in colleges. The ministry has further decided to take measure to improve school education and the pattern of examinations that are conducted by the different boards so that students develop a scientific mettle by the time they are in Class XII, without depending on coaching institutes. For now we can only hope for the system to work without failures.

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