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There are different phases of education and you need to be prepared for every phase of education before entering the phase. The competition is tough and “The Next Chapter” is here to help you in fighting with the competition at every step. We recently met “The Next Chapter” team at E-Day of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. While covering the E-Day event at the college, we got to know a lot many things about “The Next Chapter”. Let’s read through what “The Next Chapter” is and what it offers you:

“The Next Chapter”  deals with education in a customized fashion. They cater to the pain points of today’s students by working with them to personalize the process and modify sessions depending on their strengths and weaknesses. They start off with a pretest that helps them gauge what levels the students are on and it help them take those students to the next level without wasting their time on things they’re already good at or know.

They believe that the focus on just knowledge and memory is not sufficient and there needs to be an equal focus on comprehension, application and analysis as well. With close to 6 years of experience in education and corporate work culture, they know what the industry expects and is impressed by. They will equip you with the tools necessary to gain confidence and attitude necessary to become not only employees, but also potential employers.


The following modules are offered by “The Next Chapter ” which can be chosen as per your requirement:

  • Pre-Test & Post Test

A short test that helps them gauge the students’ present levels and aptitude so that the remainder of the course can be tailored to the post that helps them determines the improvements.

  • Verbal Communication Skills

Being able to effectively communicate with confidence is a vital skill that is often missing, even from the most gifted students.

  • Written Communication Skills

The written word still carries a ton of weight. Being able to write clean prose and effective e-mails is a highly valued skill.

  • Bloom’s Levels Approach

Knowledge is a vital part of the education process. However, the following aspects are equally important: Comprehension, Application and Analysis. The Bloom’s levels approach introduces the student to these critical areas of learning.

  • Presentation Skills & Using the Internet

Presenting your ideas in a manner that directly transfers them onto the minds of your audience is a skill today’s world demands and values. The internet can be an effective tool that enhances productivity when used right.

  •  Motivation

Processing the talent and skill to achieve great things is of no use if the will to utilize them and succeed does not exist.

  • Group Discussion

A Group Discussion not only tests a candidate’s verbal communication skills, but also how well he or she can react and adapt to situations. A group discussion is a measure of one’s leadership instincts, ability to take the initiative and be as good a listener as one is a speaker. They not only conduct sessions describing in detail every possible scenario a student may face, but also teach them ways to deal with these situations and help them practice these skills in a simulated environment.

  • Personal Interview

A personal interview is more a test of confidence and presentation than it is of content. If one knows how to say the right thing in the right manner, an interview becomes just one-on-one conversation. At “The Next Chapter”, they believe that with the right kind of training and practice anyone should be able to face interviews with ease and confidence.

  • Career Counseling

Knowing that you’re bad at is as important as knowing what you’re good at. At “The Next Chapter”, they believe in the process of analyzing themselves and their students to the extent of knowing which path may suit them better and what skills of theirs may aid them in choosing their next chapters.

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