Number of GRE Applicants rise 60% From India


greThis Year Indian Students shows more interest towards GRE Test , which is must required for the admission to colleges in United States. Now a days Overseas Education trend is gaining more importance form Indian Students. This year a 60% increase in numbers shows the interest towards Education in USA.  Engineering is is most preferred subject among the Students.

Educational Testing Service ( ETS ) is conducting the GRE test in India. The Major competitor China shows only 9% growth in number of students for the Test. In the year 2011-12 , around 30000 students are applied for the test. This year it touched to 84841 , which is over whim respond to the Test.

Again US is the major destination for the Indian Student for Educational Purpose. There is a dip of number in Women candidates for the Test. It Shows that , Mens are more likely to go US for the Education than Women.

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