Why is Online Course the best idea to get Promotion or Career Shift?


You know what are the job timings in India and how you fully occupied in your work. Thinking about a full-time certification course for a job promotion or career shift when you are in the job is a difficult matter. In this context, Online Course is the Best Idea to get promotion or career Shift. 

Yes, Online Course!

I am talking about Online Education/Distance Education or any Executive Programs which conducted on Weekends. [Read this to know about benefit of the online courses.]

You will save your Office timings as well as learn a skill for Promotion or career Shift.

The highly competitive market scenario is pushing corporates to look for employees that are specialized in more than one skill so that they can take up multiple roles.

Online CourseMoreover, the advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are already replacing the need for human workers.

But there exists a silver lining in this, as those same advances in technology will open up new avenues of employment and career growth.

Without a doubt, single skill set jobs are on a decline. In this context, corporate and government (Skill India Initiative by GOI) are championing the cause of skill upgradations so that businesses can arrest the shrinking consumer base and governments can mitigate the growing unemployment.

From a job applicant perspective, constant skill upgradations can prepare them to stand out in a crowded applicant pool by boosting job promotion prospects if they are already employed or getting hired if they are looking for jobs.

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In the current prevalent scenario, online education and distance learning programs are gaining much popularity and presence. It is allowing corporates to provide customized certified training programs to their employees who can learn at their pace and comfort while being on the job. Employees, on their own, are also getting enrolled in

It is allowing corporates to provide customized certified training programs to their employees who can learn at their pace and comfort while being on the job. Employees, on their own, are also getting enrolled in an executive course which is tailor-made to match the ever-evolving skill sets.

Online course is the best idea for PromotionOnline courses have the potential to become the most preferred training solutions for corporates and employees.

Let’s look at what makes them so productive:

> Learning tool for a globally connected world: Online courses creates a classroom environment where people from diverse cultures, geographies, and academic background share their experiences and learning objectives.

This interaction increases one’s social intelligence and cross culture competency making them globally employable.

> Interactive learning at its best: Confucius said “I hear and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.”

Online Education platforms have integrated training solutions that focus on training students through rich audio and video tutorials that are using Animation and Virtual reality to make learning more enjoyable and productive.

Discussion forums allow students to interact and solve the course projects thus improving their soft skills and understanding of the subject.

> Learn at own pace and time: Some people like to learn at a pace that may not be comfortable with others.

Online platforms are allowing students to learn at their pace and at different times of the day unlike the other week long residential training programs for which both the employees and employers have to sacrifice the useful working hours.

Certification: Recent research shows that employers are looking for certified project managers and technocrats for most of the job positions.

Distance learningIn this context, the online courses by various universities provide certifications on successful completion of the course. Including these certifications courses in the resume can provide an extra edge to an aspiring applicant over his/her competitor.

These online courses have become increasing popular by the name of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). There are a number of commercial and Non-Profit MOOCs providers that are offering online courses in the field of IT & Software Development, Web Design/ Development, Art & Music, and General College & University.

Many of these MOOCs are free while others are verified certificate courses available on payment.

Let’s look at some of these MOOC providers:

IT & Software Development:

  1. Udacity
  2. Google Code
  3. code.org

Web Design/ Development:

  1. Code Academy
  2. HTML Dog
  3. Cognitive Class

General College & University:

  1. Coursera
  2. edX
  3. NPTEL
  4. MIT Open Courseware
  5. Khan Academy

Art & Music:

  1. Dave Conservatoire
  2. Drawspace
  3. Justin guitar

Job promotion requires a new role that comes with new skill sets. Learning this new set of skills takes time and effort. Online learning platforms are incorporating all tools that reduce the time and effort of learners and educators.

Keep in Mind before Enrolling for Online Courses

Constant upgradations of skills and knowledge is also a crucial prerequisite for all professionals at all levels to remain productive in their role and the respective positions. This is becoming increasing vital given the rise in attrition rate in many corporates.

Retaining the job position requires taking up new roles and constantly upgrading one’s skills. Online learning can provide much relief on that front for many employees.

Moreover, employees and employers alike are opting for Online Learning to fuel up their career and business growth in the prevalent competitive job market.

The day is not far when online classes will replace classroom training in a big way. The inclusion of artificial intelligence and virtual reality is already making these online learning platforms as interactive as traditional learning systems.

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