Open Cheating in Bihar Board Examination


Earlier in 2005 Bihar reported a similar case of open cheating when Nitish Kumar came to power. 2015 witnessed the same scenario where parties on both sides were equally involved obstructing the examination process. This week saw the shameless incident of mass cheating on a large –scale in Kagriya and Hajipur  in Bihar when friends and family members of class 10  students taking the board examination were reported climbing the school building  walls to provide chits to the students inside the hall.

open chitting in biharThe inspection authorities and police personnel were simultaneously involved in helping out the relatives to deliver those chits and according to some observers the police officials are accused of accepting bribes on the spot. The CNN-IBN report confirms that the students inside the hall were allowed to refer to their text books during the examination where the invigilators also helped the students answering their papers.

Despite this incident being caught in the camera the local officials have denied the occurrence of the incident in their state and have blatantly turned a blind eye to the incident. Action was taking during 2005 when such an incident was previously reported but after two or three years when a public anger was sensed surrounding this particular procedure it was stopped and the government gave into public pressure.

Bihar Education Minister PK Shahi has been reported saying that unless the cooperation of consenting parents this malpractice cannot be stopped as the state government cannot take charge of the 14 lakh student appearing for the examination every year. A duty on the part of the parents and relatives is also supposed in this case where without their help these cases cannot be stopped. If such an atmosphere prevails in Bihar we are soon to witness the downfall of the educational system.

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Photo Credit : Hindustan times. 

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