P.M’s Mann ki Baat aimed at exam candidates this month


The Prime Minister of the Indian Sub-continent, Narendra Singh Modi, as most of us already know, had hosted the infamous All India Radio talk show, Maan Ki Baat on 27th of January, where almost 147 million Indians had tuned in to hear the 35-minute broadcast of the conversation between him and the President of the United States, Barrack Obama whilst the President’s tour of India recently.  The Prime Minister has been using the national public radio broadcaster to reach out directly to masses across the country on a pre-decided Sunday on a monthly basis.

This month, according to a tweet from Modi, he plans on pointing his show towards the board exam candidates for this year and for that he plans on interacting with the masses to share their views and experiences from when they appeared for theirs which he thinks will help the students gain more input and insight as they appear for their exams.

In the recent past, the Prime Minister has used his radio show to promote a very successful cleanliness drive throughout the nation as well as promises of action against tax evasion and also raised awareness against drug abuse.

“I urge students, parents and teachers to share exam experiences that would inspire youngsters and even motivate them in exam preparation,” he has added.

Since last October the president has been addressing the nation’s masses through this radio show which he thinks can reach out to those in the rural states who don’t have access to television.

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