PM’s top 11 tips to board exam candidates


As I had mentioned in my previous article, the Prime Minister was supposed to address the Board Exam candidates for this year on this month’s talk show of his, “Mann Ki Baat”. The show which was aired recently became a huge hit among students all over the country. The Prime Minister gave them tips on how to face these exams and among all those, here are the top 11 tips for your eyes only:

  • Take your exams as a festival, enjoy them to the fullest.
  • Real success is when you are of help to others.
  • Always think positive , compete with yourself and not others. Compete to be better than the person you were yesterday.
  • Don’t waste precious time on irrelevant or negative thoughts.
  • There is also a life beyond examinations, do not put stress over it. It is not supposed to be a burden.
  • Be confident; never let an outer factor trouble you. Make sure you have total confidence on your abilities.
  • Desires added with Stability equals Determination, Determination added with Righteousness always equals Accomplishment.
  • Learn to recognize your inner potentials.
  • Do not build castles in thin air; learn to live in the present, not the past or future.
  • Always attempt the easy questions first.
  • Exams are supposed to be an opportunity and not a challenge


The Prime Minister also addressed the guardians not to pressurize or compare children with others as it only leads to distress and not satisfaction. He also added that this show is hosted on the radio since he can reach up to ninety percent of the country’s population through it.

After he had wished all the candidates  good luck, the Prime Minister bid  goodbye to all and commenced yet another successful episode of “Mann Ki Baat”.

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