How to use IndiaBix to Prepare Banking Exam Online Free from Home?

Prepare Banking Exam Online

Do you want to Prepare Banking Exam Online Free from Home?

If, yes, this post will help you out.

You have 2 options to prepare banking Exam From Home.

  1. Books
  2. Website/Mobile Apps

Books are tedious to prepare within a short time period but can be used to clarify the basics of the chapter.

List of Top 30 Books for Banking preparation.

My post is already live related to Top websites for banking preparation and Best blog to follow for banking Exam Information, you can check this.

Along with this, I found one website, which is one of the best free resources to prepare banking Exam.

Yes, is one of the best free resources to prepare for Banking Exam online from home.

Prepare Banking Exam OnlineChapter Covered by

Most of the subjects asked in the Banking Exam are covered by this website and can be accessed free.

  • Aptitude
  • Both Verbal and Logical reasoning
  • Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge
  • Interview Questions
  • Puzzles

You will find subject wise question along with answers.

Prepare Banking Exam Online_question

To practice, click on the subject to get the chapter wise questions. You can prepare each question by verifying the answer.

Prepare Banking Exam Online_answer pattern

The best part of this website is, you can view and practice with important formulas of the subjects.

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