How to prepare IAS Exam,When you are in College ?


Indian Administrative Service ( IAS ) is the most prestigious job in India. The job comes with the power and command with Prestige. Every body wants to do the job to enjoy the administrative power . Along with the power this job comes with lots of responsibility for the Nation.

IAS exam is treated as the toughest Exam of the India. It required Huge participation in Practice as well as understanding of every subject Including History, politics, Science and Economics.

The Preparation from College will add more value to the Practice of IAS Examination. If you want to crack the IAS Exam , you must have prepare Hard and study minutely every subject belong to IAS Exam.

Early start up is a good trick to cover all the subjects of the IAS Exam. Along with the Syllabus you have to read Recent News paper and Current affires form Different sources to Understand the India Better. Investing your time skillfully will reap rich dividend for you.

Unacademy , a free youtube  channel maintain by Dr Roman Saini, 18th Rank Holder in UPSC 2013 Exam. He is the youngest Candidate to clear the Civil Service Examination. He also Completed his MBBS from AIIMS , New Delhi.

All the Video of Unacademy , Describes about your IAS Exam Preparation and help you to understand the Basic principle to crack the civil service Examination. learning to prepare Civil Service Examination From Roman Saini is easy than other Resources available in Internet.

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