How to prepare for NIACL Assistant Mains Exam 2017?


NIACL Assistant Mains Exam 2017 is approaching and you all might be already indulged in the exam preparation.Getting good marks in exam not only requires hard work but smart work. You need to know what you should focus on a particular section and which the things that you should avoid. The fight is for 976 vacancies and lakhs of people write for NIACL Assistant recruitment exam.

Please note that no one will be able to solve the complete 200 questions in 120 minutes. You need to pick the questions which you think can be solved in one go.

how-to-prepare-for-niacl-assistant-mains-gradeupWe are sharing some section-wise tips with you that will surely help you in preparing for the main exam.

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Numerical Ability

  • What matters the most is your calculation speed and accuracy. Start working on improving your calculations by practicing speed tests.
  • You should remember tables, square, cubes and square roots for doing fast calculations.
  • Learn to recognize your strengths, know which questions are to be attempted first and which questions are to be skipped.
  • Go through previous year’s questions papers, know the exam style thoroughly.
  • Practice one mock test daily and compare with peers. We have around 100000test takers which will give you an actual feel of the exam.
  • Keep practicing daily and stick to a plan. Devote at least 3 hours daily to Numerical Ability.
  • Start doing. The more you practice, the easier it will get.

Reasoning Ability

  • Try to attempt those topics first which give most accurate answers in the least possible time like Direction Sense, Data Sufficiency, Seating Arrangement, Coding-Decoding etc.
  • Please note that together with Numerical Ability, an overall score can be improved with little practice.
  • If you are not able to solve the puzzle or seating arrangement question in one go, do not waste your time, move on to next question.
  • Start with your favorite topic.
  • Make full use of pen and paper while solving questions based on arrangement, coding decoding. Use analogy with your family tree to solve questions related to blood relations.
  • Try to practice every type of question before the mains exam.

English Language

  • Learn grammar, without this, every answer will be a hit and trial for you. You should know all the rules.
  • Practice the rules from the book “Plinth to Paramount” (both the volumes).
  • Work on your vocabulary, learn 10 new words daily. You will have an edge in English over others.
  • Download our app and make sure to solve all the quizzes of English Language. 10-15 questions in a day in our app with your ranking will help you to brush up the rules.
  • Make sure to solve 3 comprehension passages daily to improve your speed.
  • The best method to boost your score will be to attempt all our mock tests and do daily practice.

General Awareness

  • If you know current affairs, there is no other productive section than this which will fetch you maximum marks and minimum time.
  • Study Newspaper, keep track of International Agreements, Sports, and other important developments. You need to avoid Politics (Who said who to whom).
  • Visit our app and solve GK Quizzes daily even if you have not covered that topic. We have been posting daily GK updates. Make sure to read them before sleeping.
  • Dedicate your 1 hour daily for this section.

Computer Knowledge

  • Read previous years papers, know what type of questions are being asked.
  • Buy a book if you are disinclined with computers and its terminology.
  • Students (read Engineers) generally overlook this portion because of over-confidence. Please note that every section is important and carries equal marks. Make sure to practice this section as well.
  • Do not go deep into this section. You should know all the basics or the definitions.

Again, it is import to keep practicing. Give mocks and analyze your performance. Compare it with your peers and start improving every day.

We hope that strictly following the above strategy will fetch you a good score in mains exam and will help you in getting this job.

If you wish to be updated regarding the upcoming exams, their patterns, syllabus and other details, download Gradeup App for NIACL Preparation. It provides free study material, updates of upcoming exams and mock tests for various competitive exams.

All the best for your exam.

Team gradeup..!!

Thanks to Dr. Sushel Joshi of GradeUp, for such an informative article. Hope this article will help the Aspirants of NIACL Assistant Mains Exam 2017.

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