Do you Know, How to Find Previous Year Question Papers of UPSC Exam?

Old Question Papers of UPSC

Previous Year Question Papers of UPSC Exam is helpful for you to understand the level of difficulty and pattern of the question asked in the Exam. You need to overlook old Question Papers of the Exam for better preparation.

There is no guaranty of the repeat of questions, but you should aware of the pattern. Maybe you get some question in the same pattern.

Where to get the Previous Year Question papers of UPSC Exam?

You are lucky!!!

No need to search outside. All Previous Year question Papers are available to download in PDF format from official Website of UPSC.

Previous Year Question Papers of UPSC Exam

Steps to Download Previous Year Question Papers of UPSC:-

  1. Open Official Website of UPSC-
  2. Go to the Examination Section 
  3. Click on Previous Year Question Papers
  4. Download Old Question Paper in PDF Format as per requirement

Scan Copy of the Question papers is available in PDF Format to Download.

You Can download and get an idea of the pattern of the question for your preparation.

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Old Questions will give you the guidance.

We have already prepared some article for IAS preparation, look into it.

This information is handpicked for you.

Best of Luck!!

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